Africa Tanks

Vertical water tanks for agricultural,
backup water & rain harvesting

World proven water tank manufacturing

Africa Tanks is a new water tank manufacturer entering the market with a worldwide proven manufacturing process.

The process is called Extrusion Blow moulding and is widely used in other parts of Africa, Europe and the East. The material used in this manufacturing process is HDPE (High density poly-ethylene)and is a very strong and durable material.

Proven & Trusted

We are the only manufacturers of three-layer HDPE water storage tanks in South Africa

We supply:

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Benefits of the Africa Tank


Range of Sizes and applications

Why Choose Africa Tanks?

We don’t compromise on quality
We offer better service
We offer better lead times
We offer stronger product than the other brands
We can manufacture any color requested (T’s & C’s apply)
Our guarantee is a NO FUSS guarantee

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